Center Academy Prep

A Hidden Gem For Academic Success

CENTER ACADEMY PREP Republished from ATLANTICAVEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2018 By Nicol Jenkins | photos By Naila Syed   Center Academy Prep goes above and beyond your typical academic institution to help your child flourish. Center Academy Prep is a fully accredited, independent private school, family-operated since 1968, providing a college prep curriculum for students with learning […]



Student Spotlight – Zayne Richardson

Born and raised in Florida 17 years ago, Zayne’s favorite subjects are history and psychology. “I like the idea that I can learn from the past to better the future,” he said, “and psychology teaches me how people think and function.” His favorite teacher is Mrs. Perez because “she puts a lot of faith in […]


School choice Programs

School Choice Programs Are Accountable to Students, Parents & Taxpayers

Center Academy is proud to participate in several parental choice programs that provide educational options to students.  These programs provide the ultimate accountability to families: they give parents the ability to choose a different school if they are not satisfied with the public or private school their child is attending.  And the programs work.  Research […]

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