Student Spotlight – Zayne Richardson

Born and raised in Florida 17 years ago, Zayne’s favorite subjects are history and psychology. “I like the idea that I can learn from the past to better the future,” he said, “and psychology teaches me how people think and function.” His favorite teacher is Mrs. Perez because “she puts a lot of faith in […]


School choice Programs

School Choice Programs Are Accountable to Students, Parents & Taxpayers

Center Academy is proud to participate in several parental choice programs that provide educational options to students.  These programs provide the ultimate accountability to families: they give parents the ability to choose a different school if they are not satisfied with the public or private school their child is attending.  And the programs work.  Research […]


Emilay Marcus

Student Spotlight – Emily Marcus

Emily Marcus, a recent graduate of Center Academy’s Orange Park Campus, is a Florida native whose favorite subjects are English and Government. She believes English helps her understand proper writing skills, and American Government because it is important to know how our government works. When asked whether Emily has a favorite teacher, she replied, “No. […]

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