Center Academy Grad Alexia Cattnell

Alexia Cattnell – Scholarships Provide Path to Nursing School

Alexia is a senior at the Jacksonville St. Johns Bluff Campus. She, along with mom and dad, moved here from Jamaica in 2001, seeking better opportunities here in the U.S.

“I love history because I get to learn about what life was like prior to my birth, and gain an understanding of why certain events took place in the past. I love psychology because I enjoy learning how the human mind works, and the motivations for why humans behave the way we do.”

Alexia’s favorite teacher is Ms. Garland, her very first teacher at Center Academy when she came here in the 9th grade. “Ms. Garland made learning fun and exciting. Because I love to learn, I will always remember Ms. Garland for providing me with such a nurturing environment in which to learn and grow.”

Alexia told us that the thing she likes best about Center Academy is the one-on-one learning.

“Being able to get assistance with my schoolwork anytime I need help is awesome!” she said. But… there’s more! I have found it very easy to make friends at Center Academy. Making friends can be difficult – if not impossible – at a large public school. I have great friends at Center Academy, which make me look forward to coming to school every day.”

In her spare time, you’ll find Alexia hanging out with friends, creating artwork, baking and volunteering. She wouldn’t mind sitting down to dinner with celebrity Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, from the Food Network. “I would like to talk to her about why she loves cooking so much, and have her share some of her cooking strategies and tips with me,” she said.

Alexia was just accepted into Jacksonville University’s Pre-Nursing program and received two scholarships, which will make it possible for her family to afford her education at Jacksonville University.  Being accepted into a university was a dream come true for her, and one of the reasons why her family left their home country of Jamaica for America. “I feel all of the sacrifices my family made to come to America to provide me a better opportunity were worthwhile. My hard work and my family’s support has enabled me to achieve this accomplishment, but I realize I must continue working hard if I am to be successful at the university and in life after school.”

“I am always volunteering, and reached my goal of earning 200 volunteer hours during high school. I am very active in my church assisting with music, hospitality, and welcoming new families that come to my church. I enjoy playing sports, and played on my school’s football and basketball teams.

Family is very important in my life, and I feel blessed to have their support and to have a supportive extended family here in Jacksonville, Florida. We are always together doing things as a family.”

Wow, very impressive, Alexia! Congratulations on being selected in this month’s senior spotlight, and best wishes in all of your future endeavors.

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