Center Academy Prep

A Hidden Gem For Academic Success

CENTER ACADEMY PREP Republished from ATLANTICAVEMAGAZINE.COM | JUNE 2018 By Nicol Jenkins | photos By Naila Syed   Center Academy Prep goes above and beyond your typical academic institution to help your child flourish. Center Academy Prep is a fully accredited, independent private school, family-operated since 1968, providing a college prep curriculum for students with learning […]


Thomas Fletcher Pitney

Student Spotlight – Fletcher Pitney

Why did we choose Fletcher Pitney for this issue’s spotlight? His Campus Director, Tanya Land, M.Ed., told us, “I have an 11th grade student who came to Center Academy in 7th grade. He is such an amazing student, and approaches everything with a positive attitude!” Fletcher is 16 and goes to the Mandarin campus. He’s from State […]



Student Spotlight – Zayne Richardson

Born and raised in Florida 17 years ago, Zayne’s favorite subjects are history and psychology. “I like the idea that I can learn from the past to better the future,” he said, “and psychology teaches me how people think and function.” His favorite teacher is Mrs. Perez because “she puts a lot of faith in […]

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