Congratulations to our St. Johns Bluff campus for placing 12th nationally out of the 240-plus schools in our division! Congratulations also to our top reader, Abby R, who read a total of 6,815 pages!

Learning Ally’s Great Reading Games is a 7-week event proven to help educators engage students and increase reading stamina. Students are engaged in human-read audiobooks and earn points for their school according to the number of pages they read. Dyslexic and struggling readers have the motivation they need and the recognition they deserve for their reading achievements! This year’s Great Reading Games occurred January 10, 2022, through February 28th, 2022, and several of our Center Academy schools participated in this national reading challenge for the first time.

Tonya Rose’s St. Johns Bluff 7th/8th grade class led the way to the school’s top ranking in Florida with a combined total of 26,233 pages listened/read. The class also had the top two readers and three of the top five readers in the school. Mrs. Henry’s 5th/6th grade class finished 2nd in the competition with 13,711 pages listened/read and produced the 3rd and 4th place finishers.

Top Five Readers              Pages Read

Abby R                                     6815

Anna A                                     5577

Chase S                                    3967

Lilliana N                                 3168

Zachary G                                2741

Learning Ally is a nonprofit volunteer organization operating nationwide in the United States. Learning Ally produces and maintains a library of educational accessible audiobooks for people who cannot read standard print because of visual impairment, dyslexia, or other disabilities. There are 80,000 human-read audio book classics that include most of the textbooks used in K-12 and College. When a student listens to a novel on their I-pad, I-Phone, Android Phone or Personal computer they see the text on their screen while the text is being read, and words are highlighted as read to help them follow along. Students can download the book to their personal device which eliminates the need for access to the internet.

With textbooks the students only hear the text because textbook publishers will not allow Learning Ally to show or publish the text. Students using Learning Ally to read their textbooks are encouraged to follow along in their textbook while listening to the text being read. This improves student focus and comprehension. The earbuds or earphones block noises/distractions, and the combined audio and visual presentation of the material is beneficial for all students, especially our ADD/ADHD students.