Congratulations to Mrs. Charisse Lyttle “Outstanding Teacher of the Year”

Hats off to Mrs. Charisse Lyttle, who was one of 16 teachers honored in Palm Harbor area schools for being chosen “Outstanding Teacher of the Year.” She teaches a number of subjects for 9th and 10th graders, including Algebra, English and World History.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Lyttle has been teaching for 26 years, ten of them at Center Academy. “I have always enjoyed teaching and heard many good things about Center Academy,” said Mrs. Lyttle. “The school is unique in that it allows an individual approach for each student. The curriculum is set up so that each student can be successful. Center Academy truly cares about their students,” she said.

Mrs. Lyttle is married with two children. She loves sports, reading, watching TV and spending time with her family. She has played softball and the clarinet for many years. Her favorite part of the day is sitting down with her family each night for dinner.

“I really like watching my students enjoy learning,” she said. “Seeing them happy makes me happy! I believe success stems from the love you have for your career, along with great support. I am lucky to have amazing support from a great management team, a fabulous director, an awesome assistant, and a wonderful family. I love what I do!”

We are indeed proud to have you aboard, Mrs. Lyttle. Congratulations on being awarded Outstanding Teacher of the Year!