Center Academy Grad Jordan Bryant

Jordan Bryant – On to Broward College for Computer Engineering!

Originally from South Carolina, Jordan moved to Coral Springs, Florida when his mother relocated here. His favorite subject is math, because he delights in working with logic and patterns. His favorite teacher is Mr. Nelson. He admires how smart he is, and what a great teacher he is.

The thing he likes most about Center Academy is “all the good people who go here. It is less congested than most schools, with a better atmosphere,” he said.

Jordan defines his family as “normal” and enjoys playing video games on his Nintendo Switch.

Ever since he can remember, Jordan has been told that John F. Kennedy was the best president who ever lived. So this is the man he wishes he could have a chance to meet and converse with, if he had the chance.

Now that he has finished precalculus and chemistry, Jordan is most excited about going on to Broward College to study computer engineering.

Congratulations on your most worthy accomplishments, Jordan, and thank you for sharing a little about your life with us!

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