Lutz, FL

Center Academy
in Lutz, FL – Tampa North

Special Education Schools in Florida
Lutz Elementary Schools
1520 Land O’ Lakes Blvd., Suite D, Lutz, FL 33549

Fax: 813-909-4483

Enrolling for the Current School Year Rolling Admission (subject to availability) Grade Levels: 5th-12th Grade


Hours of Operation

Regular Hours: 8:00 am until 4:00 pm

School Hours: 8:30 am until 2:30 pm

Student Activities

Field trips throughout the year to plays and museums

Dress Code

Shirts: Red or Navy Blue Center Academy polo shirt

Pants: Khaki

Capris, Skirts, Shorts, Skorts: Khaki
(must be appropriate length; no shorter than extended fingertips)


In addition to holidays listed in the school calendar, students may miss school for personal religious holidays or special observance days and will have the opportunity to make up any missed work.

Center Academy - Lutz, FL (Tampa North)

1520 Land O’ Lakes Blvd.,
Suite D Lutz, FL 33549

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