Center Academy Grad Mackenzie Bartz

Mackenzie Bartz Overcomes Brain Tumor; Looks Forward to Graduation!

Mackenzie Bartz is a Florida native who loves English Literature and History because she loves learning about English authors and what they wrote about. She likes History because it tells us what happened in the past, and how we got to where we are today.

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Brady, who teaches 11th and 12th grade Math at the Riverview Campus. “He is hysterical! He is my mentor, and I will always look up to him,” she said.

Mackenzie’s favorite thing about Center Academy is their method of teaching.

“The classes are small, and I like that. The whole staff are very nice and helpful. They truly make me feel secure, happy and inspired!”

Mackenzie’s family life includes her mother, “who has always been there for me,” along with her father and sister, Madison, all whom she loves very much. If she had a chance, she would love to connect with her late grandfather. She would like to know more about the Vietnam War from his experience as a marine. “I would like to know what life was like when he was younger,” she said, “and I would also like to tell him that I miss him and I love him.”

When it’s time to relax outside of school, Mackenzie likes to read and play video games.

Mackenzie’s most significant accomplishment is overcoming a brain tumor. Since then, she has been able to accomplish so many things. “I can walk better, write better, speak better, and my school work has gotten much easier. Thanks to everyone at Center Academy, I am going to graduate this year, and that makes me very happy and proud of myself!”

Congratulations, Mackenzie, for your tremendous accomplishment!

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