Center Academy and NIPSA

NIPSA re-accreditation letter CA 2014

April 17, 2014

Dear members of the Board:

A team consisting of Chairman: Dr. Allan Blau, and including Anita Lonstein, Dom Maglio, Jim Williams and Todd Avis visited all of the Center School campuses. The results of the visit can be summarized in the following comments:

“The Maitland school building is a gift from heaven”
“The entire staff of each of the schools was knowledgeable and involved with the entire student body.”
“The parents were enthusiastically happy with the school and the affect it has on their children.”
“There is no question in my mind that all of these children have educationally and in some other have had this school save their lives.”
“The parents expressed their complete support of the administration. They find the administration approachable, proactive and friendly, but firm.”
“Instruction is offered to fit the needs of the individual.”

It is without hesitation and by unanimous agreement that we recommend Center Academy and all of is sites for reaccreditation. We further recommend that the accreditation be for a period of 7 years so that it will be consistent with other regional accrediting organizations.

Respectfully submitted:

Allan J. Blau, PhD
Vice President

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