Center Academy Hurricane Irma Cleanup

Palm Harbor Families Help Out after Irma

While Hurricane Irma caused many schools to close and lose power, the Palm Harbor location experienced roof leaks, and classroom ceilings fell down due to damage to the roof from the storm. We were fortunate to have the property owner contact a roofing company to start repairing the damage very quickly; however, we needed to immediately remove the contents of the two affected classrooms. With a call-out for help to do this task, these parents and students were able and willing to help: Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Mr. Greening and Mila, Mrs. Peabody and Ryan, Ms. Kauba and Kaleb, Will Freeman and Arianna Kin. Along with Center Academy management and staff, we were able to quickly remove everything so that the repair work could be done. We are grateful and blessed to have such wonderful families at our school!

 “I would like to express my appreciation to the parents and staff of Palm Harbor Center Academy for their overwhelming support following the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. We are very fortunate to have the support of our families, staff and the property owner during times like this.”  ~  Steve Hicks, Regional Vice President Center Academy Schools

We are also grateful that so many of our families and staff have contributed in ways big and small to help others who were devastated by the hurricane. Thank you!!