Center Academy Student Spotlight Alex Gann

Student Spotlight – Alex Gann

Meet Alex Gann, a tenth grader at Center Academy in Smyrna, Georgia. Alex is a Georgia native and has “an awesome” family, which includes his mom, dad, sister and his dog, Luke.

His favorite subjects are math and English – math because it is “so perfect”, and English because he’s always enjoyed using proper grammar. We asked Alex if he had a favorite teacher, and he replied, “No – I love all my teachers, and Mrs. Ritchie, our principal.” Alex likes the Center Academy motto, “Happy. Secure. Inspired” and believes that, “compared with other schools I’ve attended, Center Academy has much better teachers.”

In his free time, you’ll find Alex playing basketball or watching football. Alex started games for JV and varsity last year, and attended two church camps in the summer. If he had a chance, he would love to meet Peyton Manning. “He’s a nice guy and would be fun to talk with. He was a great quarterback for the Denver Broncos.”

Alex has “really good friends at Center Academy, and I love coming to school here!”

Thanks, Alex, we love having you here!

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  • Vickie Knox

    Hi, my name is Vickie Knox, my granddaughter Tyeashia Knox-Turner is a new student at Center Academy. I wait everyday to pick Ty up from school. I’ve seen Alex playing basketball in the back of the school and he is a Great ball player. I just wanted to say from a distance I know Alex’s future is going to manifest GREAT GREAT things for him?