Caden Sadler

Student Spotlight: Caden Sadler

An “outgoing, empathetic leader”, Caden Sadler is 17 and a senior at the Palm Harbor campus. He is a Florida native whose favorite subjects are Economics and Personal Finance because he feels these subjects assist with teaching him about the future and developing goals. His favorite teacher is Ms. Lachance, because she has helped him “socially and emotionally, and is a great support person.”

Caden likes “all the people in general at Center Academy”, because they have helped him cope with dealing with his depression and anxiety. He feels that his academic experience has helped him mature and develop a more realistic view of reality, and what his future might hold.

Caden lives with his dad and grandmother. He is inspired by his dad because “He is a great person who has so much courage and pride, and is always able to find the good, even in bad situations.”

Caden’s recent accomplishments include a winning basketball season, graduating, and overcoming severe injuries from a major car accident in December 2016. He has basically had to learn how to walk again.

After graduation, Caden is looking to attend nursing school either at SPC or Galen School of Nursing.

Congratulations, Caden, thanks for sharing a little about yourself this month, and best wishes for your future!