Emilay Marcus

Student Spotlight – Emily Marcus

Emily Marcus, a recent graduate of Center Academy’s Orange Park Campus, is a Florida native whose favorite subjects are English and Government. She believes English helps her understand proper writing skills, and American Government because it is important to know how our government works.

When asked whether Emily has a favorite teacher, she replied, “No. I like all my teachers because they are patient and kind.” As a matter of fact, the thing she enjoys most about Center Academy is seeing her friends and teachers every day. She also likes that it is a lot smaller than her other schools.

In her free time, Emily likes to go to the movies, spend time with her family and listen to music. She has an older brother who is a senior in college. Her “mom and dad are very supportive parents,” and her dog, Sparky, is the best dog ever. Emily’s favorite singer is Celine Dion because she finds herself inspired by her music.

Emily said, “Center Academy has helped me grow academically and be more independent.” She recently toured Beacon College with her parents, and was accepted! Emily “can’t wait to learn new things while I’m there.”

Thanks, Emily, for sharing yourself with us, and being accepted into Center Academy’s Student Spotlight!

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