Thomas Fletcher Pitney

Student Spotlight – Fletcher Pitney

Why did we choose Fletcher Pitney for this issue’s spotlight? His Campus Director, Tanya Land, M.Ed., told us, “I have an 11th grade student who came to Center Academy in 7th grade. He is such an amazing student, and approaches everything with a positive attitude!”

Fletcher is 16 and goes to the Mandarin campus. He’s from State College, PA and moved here with his family in 2006. His favorite subject is history because it is “a never-ending story; one that never gets old. Plus, when you imagine history, it can be – for lack of a better word – epic! School can be boring without interesting subjects, and Center Academy reinvigorated that,” he said.

His favorite teacher is Mr. Lewis because he is “such a great role model and a man of wisdom. I have taken much advice from him because of that.” Fletcher likes Center Academy because he “can work in peace, and it is another step towards my future.” Fletcher feels that he has changed both physically and mentally, for the best. “I sometimes feel as though I am mentally older than I need to be, but that is good for one reason: staying down-to-earth,” he said.

The person who most inspires Fletcher is Stan Lee, of Marvel Comics. “His words are just so uplifting, and give me so much motivation to become what I want to be – a professional comic artist and writer.

Fletcher describes himself as, “intelligent, artistic, and a tad awkward” – ­perfect traits for his career goals!

Fletcher has a sister at college and lives with his dad and their pet Golden Doodle, “Huckleberry”.

Fletcher feels that his greatest accomplishment to date is being selected in this spotlight. “I’ve come a long way from being just a student stuck in a terrible school back in 6th grade, to being here at Center Academy and climbing the mental hill to be academically strong and ready for college!”

He went on to say that, “even though I focus greatly on school, I am still your average teenage boy who loves video games, watching good films, and staying up late. As for college, that is my number one priority,” he said. “I really want to follow my dreams and be a great comic artist and writer, and a place like SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) would help me greatly. I still have plenty of research to do.”

Thank you so much, Fletcher, for sharing yourself, and congratulations on being selected in this issue’s spotlight!