Student Spotlight - Hunter Dolansky

Student Spotlight – Hunter Dolansky

A 12th grader at the Center Academy Pinellas Park Campus, Hunter Dolansky, 17, said that he appreciates his encouraging teachers because of the helpful one-on-one coaching. His favorite subjects are Theater “because it is a fun, enjoyable class,” and Math “because I like learning about real-world money situations.”

Hunter defined his teachers as “nice and encouraging”. He drew special attention to his favorite –Mr. Harris – because “he is a really cool teacher and coach”.

Outside of the classroom, Hunter’s passion is a family affair. He and his family participate in stock car racing, competing with other drivers while taking laps around an oval track and winning races! “My dad is my pit crew, and my mom and younger sister are my spectators,” he said. And it might be easy to guess who his favorite icon is. If he had a chance, Hunter would love to meet up with Dale Earnhardt, Jr., “because he has been my favorite NASCAR driver since I was a little kid.”

This past October, Hunter was able to combine wheel-to-wheel action and family fun by winning first place at the Points Season Championship in the Kids Fast Four division at the Showtime Speedway.

Check out this video of the winning race on YouTube at: REI Motorsports – click on Videos – look for Kids Fast 4, October 1, 2016

As far as what happens after Hunter graduates from Center Academy, he’s still “exploring his options” and considering college. Congratulations, Hunter, on being chosen for this month’s spotlight, and your monumental success on the race track!

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  • Jim Dolansky

    WOW!! What a great kid! Wait a minute…..that’s my kid!! Congratulations Hunter! Love Mom and Dad!!