Student Spotlight – Jeremiah Richardson

Along with his brother Zayne, Jeremiah is also a 12th grader at the Center Academy Maitland campus. His favorite subject is history because he likes to learn more about the past so that he can understand how to change the future. His favorite teacher is also Mrs. Perez because “she encourages me to do my best in everything I do.” But the thing he likes most about Center Academy is its friendly atmosphere, and that “they actually take the time to make sure you’re understanding your work.”

In his free time, Jeremiah plays basketball and practices martial arts. He enjoys jazz, likes to cook, and would like to learn to snowboard. He enjoys TV shows about catching criminals – like “Criminal Minds”. His mom is a real estate agent, and of course, there’s his twin brother, Zayne and their dog, “Honey”.

Jeremiah is inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. because he made so many things possible for African-Americans, and he wishes he could have a chance to thank him.

Jeremiah’s biggest accomplishment is getting accepted into Seminole State College.

Congratulations, Zayne and Jeremiah, for being selected for this month’s student spotlight!

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  • Wendy Loth

    I am soooo proud of you Jeremiah. I believe you are destined for great things. Congratulations,
    Wendy Loth (Chloe’s mom)