Jordan Newman

Student Spotlight: Jordan Neuman

Say hello to Jordan Neuman, a 17-year-old at our Coral Springs campus. A Florida native, Jordan enjoys the challenge of math. His favorite teacher is Ms. Toll because her special gift is her knowledge of the world. His favorite thing about Center Academy is the no-homework policy; he’s learned to complete all of his work in class rather than have to do it at home. Jordan feels his tenure here has made him more confident in himself. He describes himself as committed, confident and empowered.

Besides his parents, Jordan has a brother, sister, and a Havanese dog named Rocky. “My Mom and Dad are the two main positive role models that are in my life and I’m very thankful for that,” he said.

One of Jordan’s most recent accomplishments is excelling in Sport Stacking. A Junior Olympic sport, the goal is simple: assemble cups in different formations (or “upstack” them) and then disassemble them as quickly as possible (which stackers call “downstacking”). As it turns out, Jordan is a champion Sport Stacker!

Jordan received 14,000 followers on TikTok, and two videos with over one million views. He was mentioned all over the world from news stations to Sports Illustrated. “Sport Stackers are part of a great big family where we can do what we do best,” he said. Jordan represented the US Sport Stacking team in Spain as the southeastern US champion. He was the third fastest stacker in the US to compete, and the fastest American stacker in his division. He received 4th Overall Male in the Cycle Stack for the entire tournament. He’s been doing this for six years.

“I started this sport when I found a video in the Guinness Book of World Records called ‘OMG’. I was so into it that I took plastic Dixie cups from the kitchen and just started stacking, non-stop. When I wanted to get the genuine stacking cups, my mom told me I had to earn them by getting better grades. It took three weeks, and now that I have them, I practice as much as I can.”

Download and watch an amazing 8-second video of Jordan competing in Sports Stacking.

Thank you, Jordan, for sharing your amazing accomplishments in this issue’s Spotlight!