Lamarr Williams

Student Spotlight – Lamarr Williams

Lamarr Williams, a 9th grader at Center Academy Riverview campus, is a Florida native who loves math because it’s fun to do and has “tons of challenges”.

His favorite teacher is Ms. Delcampo because she is “cool, nice, funny and special.” What Lamarr likes most about Center Academy is that he fits in with all the other students in the school. He likes that kids are given a chance to redo any work if they get a bad grade.

When he’s not at school, you’ll find Lamarr hanging out with friends and family. He’s quite the outdoorsman, too! He loves playing football and soccer, hunting, fishing, boating, swimming, camping, go-cart racing, 4 wheeling, and more. (Whew… what great energy, Lamarr!)

If he had a chance, there are two teachers he would like to know better, because they are such interesting people: Mr. Stone, Director of Center Academy, formerly of Metropolitan Ministries Academy, and Mr. Schaeffer, who teaches 9th grade.

Congratulations, Lamarr, for being featured in this issue’s Student Spotlight, and thank you for sharing a little about yourself with us!