Student Spotlight - Matt Tweedel

Student Spotlight – Matt Tweedel

He’s learning Spanish, enjoys flag football and soccer, goes whitewater rafting, and has hiked part of the Appalachian Trail! We’re talking about Matt Tweedel, a 10th grader at the Riverview Campus.

Matt moved here from Charlotte, NC less than one year ago. His favorite subject is Spanish because he likes the idea of learning a new language, and his favorite teacher is Mr. Schaeffer because he enjoys the stories he shares from when he was an umpire.

But what Matt likes most about Center Academy is being able to work at his own pace, and he gets plenty of help if things get challenging. Also, he felt bullied in public schools, “but here, almost everyone is my friend,” he said.

Matt loves sports; he currently plays flag football at school, and will also be playing soccer. When not in school, you’ll find Matt riding his bike – he bikes 5-10 miles per day! He loves whitewater rafting, playing Xbox and other games on his tablet. And he is quite proud of the fact that he has hiked part of the Appalachian Trail!

If he had a chance, Matt would enjoy a conversation with Henry Ford, founder of Ford automobiles and discuss how much his cars have changed in the last hundred years.

Thanks so much Matt, for sharing a little about your life, and congratulations on being in this month’s Student Spotlight!