Philip Morrical

Student Spotlight: Phillip Morrical

Phillip Morrical, a 12th grader at Center Academy’s Palm Harbor Campus, is a Florida native whose favorite subjects are History and Science. He likes the quiet, smaller, independent atmosphere of Center Academy, and feels it is different than other schools because “I can work at my own pace.”

When he’s not in school, Phillip enjoys computers and gaming; he won first place in an International computer game tournament. He describes himself as “open, agreeable and introspective,” and feels he has matured since attending Center Academy. He says he has also formed better habits, has become more organized, more focused and has learned to better manage his time.

If given the chance, Phillip would like to sit down to dinner with Elon Musk, the South African-born Canadian-American business magnate, investor, and engineer. He believes that Elon is one of the greatest men of our time because of his lofty ambitions.

Phillip was accepted into Florida Polytechnic University, an engineering college in Lakeland which is leading the charge in STEM education in Florida. He will be starting there in the fall, and wishes to thank all the wonderful staff at Center Academy for his success!