Ryan Cadle Portrait

Student Spotlight: Ryan Cadle

Please allow us to introduce Ryan Cadle, an exceptional twelfth grader at Center Academy’s Riverview Campus. Ryan is a Florida native who loves to write. His favorite subject is English because it helps improve his reading and writing skills. His favorite teacher is Ms. Symoniak, who Ryan defines as “kind, well-disciplined, forgiving, and always there to help and guide me.”

What he likes most about Center Academy is that “the kids are very welcoming, and the teachers are always smiling.” Ryan defines himself as “joyful, determined and creative,” and feels that he’s become more mature since attending Center Academy; he has improved his leadership skills and managed to stay positive, even when things don’t always go as planned. He’s learned not to be too hard on himself, which he says is “energy-draining.”

Ryan’s mom is a dancer, and his dad works in the a/c business. He has two older sisters and two brothers who help his dad in the family business.

Ryan has been “passionate” about car washes since he was four. He started working in the business when he was just 14, and now owns a successful YouTube channel named Florida’s Express Car Washes with nearly 10,000 subscribers and ten million views dedicated to filming Florida Car Washes.

Upon graduation in May ’22, Ryan plans to continue advancing his career path, working into management and co-ownership positions, and eventually developing his own chain of car washes. His boss, Steve Bulboff, always encourages him to be the best version of himself, work hard, and never give up on his passion.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys playing drums, video games and film/photography.

Thank you, Ryan Cadle, for sharing a little about yourself and your outstanding achievements, and congratulations on being featured in this month’s Student Spotlight!

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