Thomas Fletcher Pitney

Student Spotlight Update – Thomas Fletcher Pitney

Perhaps you’ve seen the Then and Now Challenge on social media. It’s always fun to look back at old photos to see how much we’ve changed over the years. In this issue, Center Academy takes this concept beyond photos with the noteworthy achievements of Thomas Fletcher Pitney, who was in our Spotlight in December of 2017. As he stands on the threshold of graduation, you’re about to discover why this remarkable young man is again on our radar.

Fletcher is now 18, and in the 12th grade at the Center Academy Mandarin Campus. He and his family moved to Florida in 2006. His favorite subject is history because “It’s always so fascinating to learn about the past, whether it is millions of years ago or just twenty. Learn from the past to use in the future,” he says.

His favorite teacher is Mr. Lewis. “He is a man of wisdom, and wisdom is an essential characteristic that many have forgotten about. It’s very nice to see wisdom in a person,” he said, “and he’s also probably the greatest teacher I’ve ever had.

What Fletcher likes most about Center Academy is having his own space so he can work at his own pace. Compared to earlier years, he feels that he’s “mellowed out” quite a bit. “I’ve become much more laid back and easy going… Easy come, easy go. I am creative and wild, yet quiet,” he said.

Fletcher currently lives with his father, a pet dog named Huckleberry, and his sister, a college sophomore. His favorite role model is Stan Lee because “He was so positive, with possibly the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever researched. He is so passionate… so awesome… a real excelsior,” which has long been Lee’s catchphrase —a Latin word meaning “ever upward.”

But perhaps the biggest accomplishment for Fletcher is being accepted into Penn State University’s main campus, which is extremely rare! He is hoping that his Graphic Design major will initiate his journey towards being a writer and illustrator for Marvel.

Fletcher said, “Even though completing school is important to me, I’m still just an average young man who loves video games, doodling in class and action movies. But I also know when to take school seriously. Plus… there’s always next summer.”

Congratulations Fletcher, for your most noteworthy achievement of acceptance into Penn State, and being featured twice in Center Academy’s Student Spotlight!