Student Spotlight – Zayne Richardson

Born and raised in Florida 17 years ago, Zayne’s favorite subjects are history and psychology. “I like the idea that I can learn from the past to better the future,” he said, “and psychology teaches me how people think and function.” His favorite teacher is Mrs. Perez because “she puts a lot of faith in me and pushes me to be the best I can be.” Zayne went on to say that he likes how the entire faculty cares about his future.

When he’s not in school, Zayne plays basketball, video games or reads. He lives with his godmother, along with his twin brother, Jeremiah, and his dog, “Honey”. Zayne enjoys spending time with friends and family, and puts 100% into everything he does, with clear goals that he wants to reach in the future.

If he had a chance to sit down and have a talk with anyone, it would be Stevie Wonder, who taught him not to take anything for granted. “It is a blessing that I can see, and he can’t, yet he still made music and enjoys life. He never let his disability stop him. It was just an obstacle he had to overcome,” he said.

Zayne has been accepted into Rollins College with a scholarship. He has also been hired to work for Five Below, a popular chain of discount stores. Zayne will be pursuing a career as a psychologist and guidance counselor.

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  • Wendy Loth

    I am so proud of you. You are going to do great things, I just know it.
    Best Wishes
    Wendy Loth (Chloe’s mom)