Teacher Spotlight - Amy DelCampo

Teacher Spotlight – Amy DelCampo

After growing up and finishing school in upstate New York 18 years ago, Amy DelCampo moved to Florida seeking a warm, sunny climate. She has been teaching for 15 years, 12 of them at the Center Academy Riverview location. Although she’s taught a variety of grades, she now teaches 8th grade, covering all subjects.

“I enjoy working with students with learning disabilities,” she told us. “Many of my students have had a negative experience in the public school system, resulting in a lack of confidence with their learning capacity, ultimately affecting their overall self-esteem,” she said. “Center Academy offers a different environment that not only acknowledges the learning disability, but also creates the structure and personalized curriculum that treats each student as an individual. Frequently the students themselves are surprised at what they can accomplish here, and it is that experience that I find the most rewarding. It is amazing to be a part of that growth and help students reach the potential I know they are capable of.”

She went on to say that the prescriptive learning program at Center Academy was developed by our team of psychologists, neuropsychologists, remedial clinicians and educators. All students undergo an assessment that helps us develop an individualized program that incorporates appropriate academic levels and prescriptive strategies that recognize processing strengths and weaknesses.

The favorite part of Amy’s teaching job is when she sees a student who has been unsuccessful in his academic or social goals, and she finally reaches him. She is always amazed when she sees that “aha moment” light up their faces and realizes she has made a change.

Amy enjoys an active family life with her spouse and twin boys. “Family life is constant but always fun!” she said. When she’s not teaching, you’ll find her out in nature – hiking biking, kayaking or relaxing at the beach. She also loves sports and music.

One of Amy’s favorite icons is Maya Angelou because “despite all of the obstacles in her life, she never gave up hope. She advocates a positive message about humanity and love, and was an outstanding writer and activist in the civil rights movement.”

Amy’s father was her inspiration for becoming a teacher. She remembers listening to so many of his stories about his students. “As I grew older,” she said, “I realized what a positive influence he was not only in my life, but also in the lives of his students. I want to honor his memory and be the same positive role model that he was.”

Amy says that the secret to her success is her genuine love of teaching, and her desire to bring success into the lives of her students. A big part of being successful in the classroom is positive behavior management and teamwork.

Thank you, Amy DelCampo, for giving us a “sneak peek” into your life, and sharing it in this Teacher Spotlight!