Teacher Spotlight - Barbara Brady

Teacher Spotlight – Barbara Brady

Barbara. Brady, along with her husband, Vince, came to Florida from England to retire. At the time, little did they know that they would find themselves at Center Academy, back in teaching roles!

Mrs. Brady has been teaching for 36 years – eleven of them at Center Academy’s Riverview Campus. Initially she volunteered to help with reading, but found herself assisting in more diverse subjects, assisting students on a one-to-one basis. She is most grateful when one of her students gets that “Ah-HA” moment when she or he has mastered something new.

Barbara and Vince Brady have four children and two beautiful grandchildren. In her free time, Barbara enjoys reading, cooking and playing golf.

One of her favorite best-selling authors is Bill Bryson because he writes about having lived in and studied so many different cultures.

Barbara says the secret to her success is that she displays quiet confidence and enthusiasm to students, and truly enjoys their success.

Something that you might now know about Mrs. Brady is that her first teaching role was in a high security prison back in the U.K. Whoa. Congratulations, Mrs. Brady, and thank you for sharing a little about yourself with the world!

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