Carol Kuhnow

Teacher Spotlight – Carol Kuhnow

Like so many of us who packed our bags and headed south, Carol Kuhnow grew tired of those cold Maryland winter mornings that included shoveling snow before she could head out to work. So she and her ten-year teaching career arrived on the doorstep of the Center Academy campus in Orange Park, where she now teaches 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

“When I moved here, the Orange Park campus was just opening, and it seemed like a great place to work,” she said. “Center Academy gives each child a chance to work at the proper pace and on the appropriate level. Each program is tailored specifically to the individual, rather than a group,” she said.

Carol said the favorite part of her job is seeing the students grow and mature. She loves watching their faces light up when they understand something. But the best part is watching them walk across the stage at graduation.

Carol’s family includes her husband, Bob, seven children and five grandchildren! She loves all kinds of sports, Zumba classes and going for walks. If she had a chance to reconnect with someone, it would be her mom. “I really miss her since she passed away – and a person always needs her mom!”

The secret to Carol’s success is staying organized and always being one step ahead of the kids. Thanks so much, Mrs. Kuhnow, for sharing a little about yourself and being featured in this issue’s Teacher Spotlight!

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  • Danielle Gaskins

    Congrats Mrs. K

  • Sam Martino

    You rock Carol.

  • Robin

    You deserve it