Teacher Spotlight - Magalie Azadian

Teacher Spotlight – Magalie Azadian

Meet Ms. Magalie Azadian, whose family immigrated from France to Montreal, Canada before settling in the U.S. She has been teaching for 25 years – 14 of them at Center Academy in Lutz. Ms. Azadian has taught all grade levels and subjects, but currently teaches 8th grade.

“My degree and interest in psychology – specifically children with various disabilities – made me decide to pursue a teaching role at Center Academy,” she said. “Also, I have a son with Asperger’s Syndrome. I like that the curriculum can be modified to meet each student’s needs, even at different levels. Each lesson is quick, yet comprehensive so students can retain the material.”

After having worked at Center Academy for so many years, she has often known students from 4th grade through graduation. To see them achieve so much and be successful is the favorite part of her job.

Ms. Azadian has three grown children: Ezekiel, Luke and Jessica. Also, a dog, two cats, two birds and 11 fish! She loves to travel, read, enjoy nature and tend to her garden.

If she could sit down to dinner with one person, it would be Peter Balakian, an Armenian American poet, writer and academic, and the author of The Black Dog of Fate. He has interviewed many survivors of the Armenian Genocide, and wishes she could have a discussion with him about his research.

Ms. Azadian says the secret to her success is threefold:

  1. I enjoy and believe in my students
  2. I try to make teaching and learning fun and creative
  3. I remember to praise the students, apologize when needed, and laugh daily

Something that no one knows about Ms. Azadian is that she was an extremely shy and introverted child, and concedes that her colleagues would never believe this.

Thank you, Ms. Azadian, for sharing a little about yourself, and congratulations on being selected for this issue’s Teacher Spotlight!