Top Workplaces in Tampa Bay 2018

3rd Year Named Top Workplaces in Tampa Bay 2018 and Special Recognition

Tampa, Florida – When Center Academy was named for the 3rd year in a row as one of Top Workplaces in Tampa Bay 2018,  they were also given special recognition based on striking scores from employees responding to specific survey questions. Center Academy was one of 15 businesses in 13 categories singled out this year for standing out in different categories such as ethics, communication, leadership, benefits and more.

Top Workplaces in Tampa Bay 2018 with Distinguished Honors in Work-Life Flexibility

Center Academy was distinguished with honors in Work-life flexibility and came in 15th place for the overall small business category. The Tampa Bay Times posted an article called Compassion, communication and clued-in execs make these places special, by Times Correspondent, Donna Winchester. This article highlights why Center Academy was singled out for this honor. It tells the story of Letha Imboden and how she was impacted by Center Academy’s insistence that ‘family is the most important part of anyone’s life,” while her family was struggling with a cancer scare with her husband.

Why Center Academy Won These Honors

The article goes on to highlight Center Academy’s Andrew Hicks, chief executive officer thoughts that “being compassionate is a virtue in itself, but it also makes good business sense. “ Hicks statement, “We know that valuing the importance of work-life balance and providing people the chance to spend time with their families helps them to be more productive,” shows why the school received this special award recognition above and beyond its Top Workplace rank among small business.

Top Workplaces in Tampa Bay 2018 – About Center Academy

You can see the About Center Academy article for the Top Workplaces in Tampa Bay 2018 by the Tampa Bay Times which includes the following –

Center Academy is a fully accredited, independent private school, family-operated since 1968, providing a college prep curriculum for students with learning disabilities in grades 4-12. Our staff and teachers are experienced with a range of learning disabilities and challenges, including dyslexia, ADHD and Asperger’s, and our individual student assessment helps each student to set and reach his or her own personal educational goals. Center Academy also offers dual enrollment and summer programs for maximum enrichment, and accepts McKay, Gardiner, Florida Tax Credit, and Georgia Special Needs Scholarships.