Ask the right questions

What to look for In A School

Visit while the school is in session

  1. Is the facility clean and well-maintained?
  2. Are you greeted in a friendly and respectful manner?
  3. Does the staff seem organized, positive, and in control?
  4. Are students respectful, orderly, and working appropriately?
  5. Is learning taking place in the classrooms?
  6. Does the director seem knowledgeable and able to answer your questions directly regarding how the school operates and how your child’s learning or social issues will be addressed?
  7. Does the director discuss honest expectations or make unrealistic or exaggerated promises?

Questions to ask

  1. What does your school offer that makes you different from other schools?
  2. What type of students do you accept in your school?
  3. What approaches do you use that would address my child’s needs?
  4. What assessment would be done to better understand my child and determine the best environment or program for his/her success?
  5. How do you assess or track my child’s progress?
  6. How do you provide feedback to parents?
  7. Do you have annual parent surveys to determine how well you are meeting expectations?
  8. May we take a tour of the school, see the classrooms, meet our child’s teacher, and arrange for a “shadow” day?
  9. When was your school founded and how is it accredited?
  10. Do you have statistics on your graduates and where they go after graduation?
  11. Are there current parents that we can contact as references for your school?