A Note from Our Teachers

Dear Parents

Note from Our Teachers

We’re parents too! And as parents we know that when your child is hurting, you’re hurting. Whether your child’s frustration stems from negative school experiences or untapped potential, it hurts. We also know you have a dream for your child that includes happiness and a successful future. Sometimes our dreams get off track, but with love and support in a safe environment, your child can re-establish his or her learning ability and underlying goodness.

As your child’s teachers and mentors, we pledge to give you 100% of our effort and expertise. For us, that’s a reachable goal because we know that every child is capable of succeeding, and we believe that all children learn differently. We enjoy teaching children and adolescents. Our primary goal is helping your child grow and mature into a self-reliant adult.

If you want to speak to professionals who understand where you are coming from, visit our Center Academy classrooms and talk to us.

Keep that dream alive!

Your Center Academy Teachers

Teacher Qualifications

In addition to specialized training in working with students with learning differences, all Center Academy teachers have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. While state education statute also allows instructors who have three or more years of public and/or private school teaching or have special skills, knowledge or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in subjects taught, Center Academy requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree for all teachers.

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