Mission Statement

Special Education Schools in Florida

The mission of Center Academy is to provide students with a learning environment that facilitates the development of self-confidence, motivation, and academic skills, and gives students the opportunity to achieve success in life. To accomplish this mission, Center Academy is guided by the following principles and goals:


Center Academy will improve its students’ self-esteem, self-concept, and self-confidence.


Center Academy will improve student motivation levels and inspire students to give their best efforts in all tasks they undertake.


Center Academy will provide a “third place” for the student. A place beyond the home and school. It will provide a community of support for the young person. The community relationship will promote student, parent, and staff cohesiveness.


Center Academy will prepare students for post-graduate studies while emphasizing the essential skills of reading, writing, and mathematics.


Center Academy will remediate specific learning disabilities and other neuropsychological weaknesses, and at the same time teach compensatory strategies so that students can be successful as adults.


Center Academy will develop staff loyalty by ensuring that all staff members, part-time and full-time, understand the significance of their work and share the goals and values of the school.

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