What parents say:

  • Great school with a great program, Director and Staff!
  • I highly recommend Centeracademy. Mr.Jones is a super principal and he has a great understanding for the students.The teachers are phenomenal,they genuinely care about their education.If you have a child that may be struggling to fit in the public school environment or just needs a little extra attention Centeracademy is the school for you!
  • Very caring staff, the way they work with the kids. I really appreciate the curriculum, how more understanding it is to the students. Great computer programs to do the school work with. Overall everyone is great, such a happy environment.
  • “You offer a top-notch education in a nurturing environment. Having had experience with several private schools during my years of raising three grandchildren, I must say Center Academy is the best equipped and the most dedicated to helping students succeed.”
  • “Simply, a happy teen with good grades.”
  • “I felt like I was losing my daughter when I came to your school. The staff and programs made a difference in our world.”
  • “Peace and quiet in our home for the first time in years.”
  • “My son and I love this school. It is the best thing that has ever happened to us.”
  • “Thank you for providing a safe and caring environment for my son. He is finally learning that he can be successful.”
  • “Center Academy has provided a wonderful educational environment for our son.”
  •  “We have a better relationship with our child because of Center Academy.”

“As prospective parents we imagine that our child will be perfect. Ten fingers, ten toes, beautiful, and very smart, but sometimes our child’s perfections lie within their imperfections. My daughter Danielle was born 4 weeks premature and stopped breathing three times at birth. Modern medicine saved my daughter’s life, but Center Academy opened the world up to her.

With a severe case of Centralized Auditory Processing Disorder and Dyslexia, Danielle was drowning in the public school system. She had been held back in the second grade, and continued to fall behind the other students. Keeping up with her classmates was impossible, and she began to give up. Originally I planned to home school my daughter, but while researching online I found Center Academy.

The staff at Center Academy tested Danielle extensively, found her strengths and weaknesses, and put together a learning program just for her. All the students at Center Academy work at their individual level for each subject, and at their own pace. Something you can’t get in the cookie cutter public school system. The teachers at Center Academy really care about their student’s success. If they see a student struggling they pull them aside and work with them one on one until the student fully understands the work and can continue on their own. And the small class size and individual cubbies make it easy for them to concentrate. In fact only two years after entering the school my daughter was able to make up the grade level she had lost and is now an honors student.

With the encouragement of our new principal Mr. Collins, my daughter has taken on more responsibilities than ever before, and with a confidence I have not seen. He has a genuine love for the work that he does and it shows. He is very approachable, and available to assist the students and parents at a moment’s notice. His support and the support of the faculty and staff at Center Academy makes the school seem more like an extended family.

What’s even more amazing is that Danielle’s learning disabilities fall under reading and language, something she has come to excel at. Since attending Center Academy she now loves to read and devours books one after another. Next year she will be a senior, and with only four credits left needed to graduate she plans to take dual enrolment with Seminole State College. After graduation she is planning to attend Stetson University and major in digital arts with a minor in journalism.

I truly believe that none of this would be possible without Center Academy. Our imperfect perfect children deserve the best education we can give them. With all the preparation Center Academy has given my daughter, I know she will succeed at anything she sets out to do. Thank you Center Academy for everything you have done for my child.”
Michelle Scherrer
March 2013

What professionals say:

  • “They are self-esteem experts.”
  • “They know the neuropsych research and how it applies to learning.”
  • “Cutting-edge program for kids with attention problems.”
  • “Sophistication and support.”
  • “Their graduates are college bound.”

What students say:

  • “I am learning how to study.”
  • “We all get along – everyone is nice.”
  • “My teacher listens and has time for me.”
  • “It’s quiet and I can think better.”
  • “I am learning hard stuff and getting good grades.”
  • “I’m getting along better at home.”
  • “I am earning college credits.”