Students at Lutz High Prom

Students who attend Center Academy have a high graduation rate, gain a sense of self-esteem and personal motivation, experience fewer bullying and peer pressure issues, while attaining a quality education. With small class sizes, and individual attention, the Center Academy school experience gives students many distinct advantages. Our students acquire the abilities which help with success in college and in life.

Center Academy Students Only


Center Academy

Center Academy Graduates know how to:

-Gain Self Esteem
-Budget their time
-Set goals for themselves
-Think for themselves
-Get along with others
-Accept responsibility
-Be active participants


Student Testimonials

“In June 1984, my parents decided to send me to The Center Academy for my dyslexia. I had seen many tutors before and attended special classes at various public schools, but no one seemed to be able to help me. At The Center Academy I found a safe and positive environment that allowed me to thrive. I had teachers that understood how to help me AND that used positive reinforcement.

I attended The Center Academy for a full calendar year. At that point I was reading at or above my grade reading level and had acquired the skills that I needed to be successful at school. I always had to work harder than my classmates, but with hard work I was able to succeed. I went on to attend the University of Florida where I obtained my BA in Psychology. I am now a program manager for a Fortune 500 technology company. Today, I love to read and am passing on my love for books to my children and our community. I can honestly say that I do not think I would be where I am today without help from The Center Academy.” Kristin Wall Gibson

“When I first came to Center Academy, I was a mixed up fifteen-year-old girl who was ready to drop out of high school. Back then, learning disabilities were not well known and I was one of those kids who fell through the cracks. I had very little self-esteem and. as a result, had a very rocky relationship with my parents. Thank God my folks discovered Center Academy through a newspaper ad and brought me there to be tested! To this day, they still call Center Academy a Godsend.

Over the next few years Center Academy helped me grow and change in ways I never thought possible. My relationship with my parents improved tremendously and my grades went from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s. The environment your school provided was one of love and support. Center Academy was truly a lifesaver for me.

Center Academy also inspired me to do more with my life beyond high school. I went on to college and graduated from USF with honors, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education. I then landed a position teaching learning disabled students in the public school system. I won an award for “Best New Teacher of the Year” my first year!” – Michaela Keats, Teacher

“I didn’t realize it at the time, but Center Academy was one of the best choices my parents made for me. Center Academy taught me the skills I needed in school, business, and life. Thanks mom!” – Michael Irvin, President of M. I. Productions

“I came to Center Academy as a very difficult point in my life. With small class sizes and support from the staff, I am enrolled in an honors program at my university.” – Erin Oxley

What we like about Center Academy


-Teacher-Student Relationships
-Parent-Teacher Relationships
-Teacher Skills
-Academic Programs
-School Discipline
-Moral Values
-Clarity of School Goals


-Center Academy offers a caring, orderly, safe, and nurturing environment.
-Center Academy emphasizes the education of the whole child.
-Center Academy treats teachers as professionals.
-The nurturing environment, through curriculum, caring communities, and individual attention, makes Center Academy a very effective school.
-Teachers at Center Academy can spend their time doing what they are supposed to be doing: Teaching.