A twelfth grader at the Center Academy Riverview campus, Kamar Williams was born and raised in Florida. His favorite subject is Financial Management, and believes that this skill will help him budget his money well when he starts his career.

Center Academy Senior Awarded Prestigious Scholarship - photo of Kamar WilliamsHis favorite teacher is Coach Sarah because she has a great sense of humor when it comes to sports. His favorite thing about Center Academy is seeing familiar people every day, and encouragement from his teachers on better communicating with other students.

When he’s not in school, you’ll find Kamar roller skating, playing video games, and hanging with his friends. Kamar most admires his best friend Jaden, whom he has known his entire life. “Jaden is my brother in Christ,” he said.

Recently accepted to his college of choice, Florida Southern, Kamar received the Danforth Scholarship worth $84,000 over four years. Named for long-time college benefactors, this merit-based award provides the most dedicated and talented students the opportunity to study at one of the nation’s best private colleges. Kamar plans to play on their tennis team.

Congratulations, Kamar, on your impressive academic record, and being selected for this distinguished scholarship!