A tenth grader at Center Academy’s Riverview campus, Ariana excels in Geometry. Her favorite teacher is Ms. Taylor because “She just understands me.” Her favorite thing about Center Academy is that “It’s so welcoming, and the teachers are actually able to help us.” She finds it very rewarding that she made it through the school year passing all her classes and improved a lot.

When she’s not in school, Ariana likes to watch YouTube and play video games. She likes collecting Pokemon cards and has so many, she is unable to keep count. Her sister is a gymnast; her dad works for Media Labs and makes 3D computer models of houses, and her mom is an account manager. She lost her grandpa five years ago and regrets not having been able to say good-bye.

Ariana maintains the school garden. She likes SuperMarioGlitchy4 (SMG4), a you-tuber who makes videos about different games and memes, and Anime, a Japanese cartoon that gets dubbed with English voices.

Congratulations, Ariana, on your academic accomplishments, and for being selected for our Student Spotlight this month!