Never giving up hope, Center Academy Senior is accepted into “Dream School”

A twelfth grader at Center Academy’s Pinellas Park Campus, Evelyn Hardin moved here from Atlanta when she was just ten years old. Writing is a favorite hobby, and she also loves taking pictures to share with friends, so it’s no surprise that her favorite subjects are Writing and Yearbook!

Evelyn likes Center Academy’s education system, but she doesn’t have a favorite teacher. “Every single one of my teachers that I have had since 10th grade are favorites because they helped me become the person I am now,” she said. “They never gave up on me and were always there for me when I needed help. No matter how hard the work is, the teachers here help you succeed.”

Before coming to Center Academy, Evelyn affirmed that her life was not going very well. When she came here, her grades went up because she started doing things out of her comfort zone to succeed. Then, she got accepted into her dream school because of how much the teachers helped her believe in herself. “The best thing I have learned from attending Center Academy is to never give up hope for the future,” she said.

Evelyn describes herself as friendly, helpful and determined. “My mom and dad have always been here for me, even when I’ve been at my lowest. They are the reason why I have turned my life around. My mom helped me to never stop believing in myself, and my dad always encouraged me to do whatever it took to succeed.”

Evelyn has been accepted into the National Society of High School Scholars. She attended a psychology program in the National Student Leadership Conference last summer, and had the honor of being able to go through a Medical Research Program at Georgetown University. She has been accepted into the Congress of Future Medical Leaders. Upon graduation, Evelyn will attend Rollins College and major in experimental psychology with a minor in communication studies or biology.

What amazing accomplishments, Evelyn! Thanks so much for sharing a little about yourself with us!